News Articles are long.

Many readers are drawn in by the mis-leading headline, and put off by the long article body.

ComPress takes articles that you like the most, and ComPresses them down into short and long summaries.

The latest articles are pulled in from across many News Outlets and Genres you choose, all in one place.

Articles are first displayed as you'd see them on a News website; with the title, the authors summary and an image to draw you in.

Clicking into the Article reveals it ComPressed short summary. From here you can go to the Article directly and/or take a look at the long summary.

To find out more, check out the Discover section below.

Picture of a man holding the ComPress App


The "Discover" tab is where you first land every time you open up the app.

This View is comprised of a list of Articles from your Chosen Articles and Genres.

The most recent articles are at the top.

If you want to save an article for later, you can click on the next to the Article's header.

That article will now be placed in "Read Later", which you can read more about below.

To click into an Article, you can click anywhere on the Article.

A article in full screen shows you the short article summary, which is a 3 sentence summary of the article's body.

Clicking on READ EVEN MORE expands the short article summary into 7 sentences.

Clicking on the article's title at any point (or READ FULL ARTICLE after the above) will take you to the full article on the News Outlet's website.

You can exit the full article at any point by clicking the floating in the top right.

GIF showing walkthrough of Discover tab

Read Later

The "Read Later" tab is useful when you may not have time to read an Article that catches your attention in Discover, and you want to make sure you don't miss it when you return to the app.

Articles here will be persistent forever, until you delete them.

Articles can be added to the Read Later tab by clicking the on articles in Discover.

To delete an Article from Read Later, simply click on the .

Articles in this tab can be clicked on like any other in Discover. For a full list of available actions when an article is in full screen, please check our the Discover section.

If an article is in this section, it means that they will not be present in the Discover tab.

GIF showing walkthrough of Read Later tab


All of ComPress's available settings can be accessed from this tab. It contains settings ranging from clearing stored articles or changing the Genres and News Outlets you chose in the setup stage.

Change my news outlets
Takes you back to the first setup screen where you must choose at least 2 News Outlets.

You must also re-choose your Genres, since available Genres may or may not be available from your chosen News Outlets.

Change my news genres
Takes you back to the second setup screen where you must choose at least 3 Genres.

Clear read later
This option will remove all of your articles from the Read Later tab.

Clear cached articles
To speed up the apps loading times, we save articles on your device so they don't have to be loaded again.

This option will remove articles on your device, and they'll be loaded again when you go to Discover.

View user guide
Takes you to this page.

To exit this page, simply click on the in the top bar.

Enable/Disable notifications
If you want to recieve a notification when an Article comes through, enable this setting.